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In the today's business, where technology dominates and accuracy, efficiency and timely delivery are the key success requirements, one should wish to be competitive in his or her profession can no longer use conventional way of doing work. Technology has become a way of living, not just some well-apart, complicated concept for anyone to understand.
Automated Identification is one of the technologies that has become an important factor in every business. More and more businesses utilise it to enhance identification information in an automated, accurate, quick, and flexible ways. Some benefits in using Auto ID technology are: faster turn around time; higher accuracy and productivity; reduced cost; and minimum error rate.

Company Profile

PT Puri Abadi Cahaya Kemilau, PT PACK for short, was founded in 2003 as an experienced-professional established Automated Data Application Company based in Jakarta. PT PACK - one of the least key solutions-applicators for Auto ID Technology in Indonesia, offers and provides tailor-made, integrated frontline solutions to clients, along with global partners from US, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. Established and managed by experienced professionals, PT PACK is more-than-determined to support different industries (such as manufacturing, retail, health, education, agriculture and many more) nationwide, which includes:
1. System Development Consultation
2. Interface Programming
3. Technical Engineering
4. Project Specialist
5. Customer Service

Our Commitment

Delivering the utmost accurate integrated technology solution, by taking time to understand clients' business-nature and process prior addresing issues and solutions proposal. Implement the right utilities to support the system through its worldwide principles and partners. PT PACK as a business entity always position itself as clients' long-term partner, assisting and providing reliable work continuously.

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