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Building an Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) / Barcoding systems has been always considered as complicated process. Where in reality it is very simple to setup using these 5 core items, which are:
1. Barcode Printers
2. Barcode Scanners
3. Labels
4. Ribbons
5. Label Design Software

Barcode printer is completely different with normal desktop printers that are widely used. It has spindles to install label and ribbon roll / core separately. It has higher printing speed as well compared to normal desktop printers. More important is on the print result, where it is designed to print barcode with high density and consistent thickness. This is very important to ensure that every barcode printed can be read and used*.
*This can be achieved when there is no issue with hardware and barcode label was designed properly.

At a glance, there are 3 types barcode printer, Desktop, Medium and Industrial. The difference between those types would be printing speed, printing capacity, maximum label's width, the printer's sturdiness and lastly the cost.
For example, Desktop printer is designed for retail business where the requirement is to print over 5000* labels on daily basis. It must be placed in well maintained area. The label's width would be small one due to the printer's size.
Where as the medium and industrial class, the printers would be more solid compared to desktop, hence they could withstand extreme work condition such as industrial area. And also they would have higher speed in printing and bigger compartment size to hold bigger label rolls (less frequent replacing label).
*Different brands have different specifications in regards to speed and total labels printing within a period.

Furthermore, there is another type beside these 3, which is Mobile Printer. This was designed to cater the needs to print label remotely. The print command can be triggered via laptop, PC, Portable Data Terminals or even from Smartphone. For the connection, usually it comes up with either WiFi or bluetooth.
Please check below for some brands that are available within PT. PACK. If you are looking for other brand or type, please send us an email for further enquiries.

Zebra Barcode Printer ZT200 ZT200 - SERIES INDUSTRIAL PRINTERS
One of well known brand, Zebra has a wide range of barcode printers. For industrial, the most popular type would be ZT200 Series, which has 2 types, ZT220 and ZT230. ZT230 has all-metal case to provide long-lasting usage, bigger ribbon capacity and also LCD screen. For more information, click on the link for each printer's data sheet.

Zebra Barcode Printer ZT410 Similar to ZT200, there are 2 models for ZT400, which are ZT410 and ZT420. Both models come with all metal frame. The main differences between are maximum print width, maximum print speed, and also print resolution (DPI). As in connectivity, this printer can connect using USB, Serial port, Ethernet (LAN) and also bluetooth. More information can be found in their website.

Datamax - Honeywell
E-CLASS MARK III As quoted from Datamax's website, "The E-Class Mark III is a family of compact desktop thermal printers that are designed for a wide variety of industries and applications that require a reliable and cost effective barcode printer. Datamax-O'Neil applied its industrial printer expertise to provide customers with an entry level printer that has the features and reliability normally found in more expensive printers. The E-Class Mark III is very easy to use and economical to operate." It comes with printing speed 6 ips (152 mm/s) and has 2 configurable maximum printing resolution 203 or 300 DPI.

M-CLASS MARK II Staged as medium (semi industrial) printer, M-Class Mark II is a compact printer that offers a lot of features that would beneficial for users. It offers higher specification compared to the desktop class, but space wise it requires small space to operate. For more information, check the website M-CLASS MARK II.

Intermec - Honeywell
Intermec PC43t / PC43d
PC43t 2 models available for this desktop printer, PC43t and PC43d. The PC43t uses thermal transfer, which means it requires ribbon to print label. Where as PC43d uses direct thermal, does not require ribbon but requires specific label, which usually common to print receipts. With printing speed 8 IPS, PC43 is a top desktop printers. It also come with option to include LCD monitor to ease configuration during installation. It has two USB Connectors, which are USB 2.0 type A and B Connector. It is a versatile desktop printer, which would help users in daily operation. For more details, please check on following link.

Intermec PX4i
PX4i With all metal body, PX4i is developed to perform under harsh industrial environments. It comes out with 12 inches per second on printing speed. As for printing resolution (DPI), it offers three choices, which are 203, 300 or 406 DPI (suitable for printing image or 2D barcode). Wireless connection is enabled in this model, with highest level of secure wireless connectivity - WPA2. Click on the link for more information.

TSC Printers
TTP244 PRO Upgraded from its predecessor, TTP 244 Plus, this printer is 25% faster at 5 inches per second. It comes with two ports, which are USB 2.0 and also RS-232C interface. As for the printing resolution, it is defaulted to 203 DPI. For those who need wireless connection, there is optional item that can be plugged on the RS-232C to enable wireless connection with smartphone, laptop or portable data terminal. You can choose either bluetooth or WiFi connection. Further information, click on link for more information.

4012 PIM
RING 4012 PIM Designed and produced in Japan, this is the only desktop printer that comes with all steel body. No doubt this can withstand harsh environments. The maximum printing speed is 6 inches per second. It can print upto 300 DPI for the print resolution. By default, it has RS-232 port and also user can choose between parallel or USB port. Definitely, this printer is built to last. More information could be found at the website.

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