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There are many different ways company would benefit from barcode implementation. One of them is manufacturing area, where they produce a lot of items within a day. To ensure productivity, they must know how many items produced within a period. Due to the high speed and intesity, users need scanners with high speed, this is where fixed mount scanners play its role. Most of the time, fixed mount scanners use laser to achieve this, but there are also fixed mount with imager. Combined with controller unit, fixed mount scanners could tell operator if there is invalid barcode, either incorrect barcode type or poor quality barcode. Then automatically the item will be parked for further checking.

MS-3 Compact Laser Barcode Scanner
MS-3 Laser Scanner Weighing at 57 grams, this lightweight fixed mount canner can perform scanning between 300 to 1000 decodes per second (adjustable speed). It has wide range 70 degrees, so it can scan barcodes at different position as long as it is within 70 degrees area. As for the read range, it could read from 5cm upto 25cm (depends on barcodes' size).
Please visit Microscan's website for more details about MS-3.

QX-870 Industrial Raster Laser Scanner
QX-870 Laser Scanner Designed for industrial usage, QX-870 is a step up from MS-3 scanner with some enhancement such as scanning speed between 300 to 1400 per second and also further read range (compared to MS-3) upto 70cm (depends on barcodes' size). This is a perfect fit for industrial environment as it is sealed with IP65 enclosure (industrial sealing). More details on the specification could be found in this page.

MS-890 Industrial Automation Scanner
MS-890 Scanner No doubt, this is the ultimate fixed mount scanners with reading range upto 2.5m (varies on barcode's size). Sealed with IP65 enclosure to ensure durability in industrial environment. In addition to data sent, it will also notify users for good barcode by turning on green flash, which will help users to do proper action if the barcode is not good. Check the website for more information.

FM480 Series
FM480 Series With reading speed up to 500 scans per second, this is considered as high performance fixed mount scanner. The scanner is using IP54 enclosure to ensure sufficient protection during usage. As for reading range, it could read upto 40cm (depends on barcodes' measurement). There are two types to choose, either front view or side view scan window. More information could be found in the website.

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