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After barcode printer, the next thing would be scanners, which are used to scan barcode label. There are 3 types of barcode scanners, which are:
1. Laser barcode scanner, this was the first technology introduced for barcode scanners. It utilises laser to scan barcode label. Using laser, it has a wide range to cover despite the distance. Recently, laser scanners are equipped with focus point that enables the unit to scan 2D barcode as well.
2. Imager scanner, this is the next generation barcode scanner after laser. Basically, it captures the images of barcode and analyze. It can read 1D and 2D barcode (depends on the setting, some scanners might be enabled for 1D only). This is the most common technology used in barcode scanner.
3. CCD (Charged Couple Device) scanner, similar to Imager where it has lots of tiny LEDs to capture barcode's digital image. In terms of range, it has shorter range compared to laser and imager. It also can read 1D barcode only. A popular choice for those who need low-cost scanner and do not mind with reading range.

In regards to connectivity, you could choose between corded or cordless. With corded scanners, most of them use USB cable. For cordless, scanners utilise bluetooth connection, but in some cases, they could use WiFi instead. Following are some examples of scanners currently available:

F680 / F680BT Series
Cino F680 Series This is a imager scanner that only enabled for scanning 1D barcode. It can read barcode from a distant approximately 15 - 20 cm. For the corded version, F680, it comes with USB cable. The cordless one, F680BT, uses bluetooth connectivity. It comes with a cradle to recharge battery, where the corded one does not. By default, F680BT stores scan result directly into PC or smartphone. It can transfer using bluetooth connectivity on the PC or smartphone or thru the cradle (plugged into PC). Other advantage of cordless, it can scan in batch. Once scanning is finished, user can upload all the data into PC all together. This option can be done why scanner is connected with PC via bluetooth or not (if user is far away from PC and bluetooth connection is not available). More information can be found on F680 or F680BT

A770BT Series
Cino A770BT Series Designed for light industrial, this series is able to scan 1D, 2D and also popular postal codes. It comes with cradle, which able to connect with the scanner remotely through bluetooth connection over 100 metres away. On average usage, it could last for upto 6 hours. It is designed with ruggedized body so it could withstand numerous drops from 2.0 meter on concrete. For more details, please check or download the A770BT series' brochure.

F790WD Series
Cino F790WD Series This is a cordless scanner that uses WiFi connection, hence it could operate using online or batch mode. It comes with 2 inch LCD display with two function keys and a five way navigation button to ease scanner configuration. To ease connection mapping between F790WD and PC, Cino provided Wavecentre application to be used with. This application will map to a particular port in the PC, so once scanner sends the data it will go through the designated port. Wavecentre can also give commands to scanners registered such as shutdown or text message. There are two models to choose from either long range linear imager or laser imager scanner. Check the website for more details on the scanner.

Hyperion 1300g Linear-Imaging Scanner
Hyperion 1300g This is a corded scanners from Honeywell, which is capable to scan 1D barcode label. Sealed with IP41 environmental sealing, it could withstand approximately 50 drops on concrete floor from 1.5m height. This scanner comes with reading speed at 270 scans per second.
Check the brochure for more details.

Voyager 1450g Upgradeable Area-Imaging Scanner
This is the latest Imaging scanner from Honeywell, where it can scan 1D and 2D Barcode. It could also withstand approximately 30 drops on concrete from 1.5m height. This scanner is able to scan barcode directly from screens of mobile devices such as coupons, digital tickets and etc. More details on different features could be found on the datasheet.

Xenon 1900 Area-Imaging Scanner
Packed with ability to read 1D, 2D and also postal codes, this scanner is really good to accomodate retail application. It can withstand around 50 drops from 1.8m height on concrete. More information, please check on the website.

3800r Linear-Imaging Scanner
Honeywell 3800r Utilising Imager, this is a powerful 1D Barcode scanner in regards to reading range, reading poor quality barcodes and also durability. It is capable to read barcode from a distance upto 61cm. This is a huge advantage for retail users that want to have the ability to scan from a distance. On top of that, this scanner is equipped with the latest software digitizer, which boost the ability to read bad quality barcodes. Furthermore, this will reduce manual entry that is prone to error. Covered in shock absorbing rubber, this unit is designed to survive drop on concrete from 1.8m height. Visit the website for more information.

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