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BarTender Label Software - Seagull Scientific

The last component required to produce Barcode, would be Label Design Software. This software would help users to design and create barcode label (for different types of barcode, 1D or 2D, with different symbologies). It is also used to ensure the print out is consistent, hence there will be no failure in reading the barcode label (Depends on printer's setting or condition and also label and ribbon combination. Some combination might not work.) Seagull Scientific offers the solution in one package called, BarTender Software Label. It consists of different modules, which guaranteed to ease the process of designing barcode label.

Some of the features are:
1. Design and view the label prior to printing - user could easily enter the exact label's measurement and start to design the barcode.
2. Once the barcode format has been designed, it could be filled with different data from a database or simple excel spreadsheet. For e.g. there is a barcode to contain combination of Item ID (10 chars), Date of Purchase (6 chars) and also quantity (3 chars). If the database consists of 100 items, it could be programmed to print all items in the database into barcode label. Even it can be programmed to print only certain item in the database, perhaps for reprint purpose only.
3. Apart from printing data derived from database, users could also put logic into the design. Example: user wants to print out numerous barcode with date (6 chars) and serial number (6 chars). BarTender can print the barcode label, with serial number starting from 000001 upto 999999. Once it reached the maximum number, it will reset and start from number 000001 again.

For more information on BarTender, please visit Seagull Scientific's website.

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